IVAN THRONE has a rare talent stack of familial, experiential, professional, and psychological advantages that enable him to provide unique and potent support:

700 Years Of Heritage

From the personal retainer of the Black Prince in 1346 A.D. to generals and marshals of both the World Wars, Ivan’s family has served as discreet and deeply loyal confidantes and spiritual counselors to more than twenty generations of British sovereigns. Ivan’s family instruction and wealth of accumulated generational knowledge endows him with profound ability to provide structured, ruthless support far beyond the capability of typical executive coaches.

Decades Of Koryu Training

The strategy and warfare methods of classical Japan known as koryu focus on combat, discipline and morals. Vastly different from the modern sport and enlightenment “arts” watered down for the public after the 1868 Meiji Restoration, koryu is designed to deliver cruelly absolute operational, tactical, and strategic victory to the ruler. Ivan Throne brings dreadful expertise developed over more than thirty years as a practitioner of ninjutsu ryu-ha to the extreme service of his select clients.

Project and Program Management

With more than twenty-five years of experience as a project and program manager in the technology and financial industries, Ivan’s seasoned competence at managing >$100MM global projects is put directly to work for clients who require trusted, reliable, and deeply comprehensive solutions to their very specific requirements. More than just a friendly coach, Ivan guides you through a concrete roadmap to your crucially demanded executive outcome.

The Dark Triad Man

Bred by the English upper class, forged through traumatic change, and trained by the ninja into a human being of resonant power, Ivan Throne brings the clinical, icy detachment of the psychopath to bear on your situational assessment. Ivan fiercely combines the vision of the achievement narcissist with the competent planning of the expert Machiavellian to ensure your mission is clearly defined – and utterly achieved.

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Whether you are facing personal, familial, or business challenges – Ivan Throne provides the expert, bespoke guidance that shepherds you to absolute competence in the achievement of personal mission. His Consigliere Program and Lifeline Sessions are designed to orient, equip, and propel you into ruthless and transformative success.