DreadLord99Deep Testimonials

Deep Testimonials
“When you speak to Ivan one on one, there is an energy between you which is truly inspiring. His unique life, his years of training, the ‘disability’ of being deaf (which he has turned into an advantage), all have allowed his well of wisdom to go deeper than most people could ever hope.

“Although he can come across as harsh, he earnestly wants the best to come out in others, and he can pull it out of you by using the words you need to hear, not the words you want to hear.”Goldmund Unleashed, bestselling author and photographer

Ivan Throne
“…initiated a chain of tectonic shifts that impacted all areas of my life drastically over the next six short months and that momentum only shows signs of multiplying.”Immersion Forge attendee
“Ivan Throne is the only reason The Family Alpha and in turn my online presence remains in existence.

“His steadfast dedication to the cause of defending masculinity, providing mentorship, and brutally effective guidance have been instrumental in the continued growth and success I’ve experienced both personally and professionally.”Hunter Drew, The Family Alpha

Ivan Throne
“…questions and theories to challenge and guide you to discover your own purpose.  This was, for me, a truly amazing experience, one that will provide continual guidance and reference as I move forward in my life.”Immersion Forge attendee
“Ivan is a complex philosopher poet and ruthless warrior.  He thrives in the ever changing Dark World and guides other men through its treacherous passes.  Saddle up.  The hunt is on.”Texas Dom, speaker, coach, and author