Hi Name, it’s Quinten from Throne Dynamics here, how are you?


Great. I have a note in my calendar that says we have a 10 minute call now, is that right?


OK, so we have 10 minutes and I have another call straight after you so we’ll need to keep to the time, is that OK?


Thanks for that. So my job today is really simple. I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions and assess your position on The Hammer to work out IF or HOW Ivan can help you. If I feel like Ivan can’t help you, I’ll let you know politely, and do my best to point you in the right direction. If I feel like Ivan can help you, we’ll book in another time to talk about HOW— is that OK?


Perfect, let’s get started.

  • Why do you need this now?
  • Why do you think Ivan is the one who can help you?
  • What’s the gap between your reality and the results you want? Moments of hesitation. Things you already know. Dwelling on them is not growth. When he has noticed himself thinking too much.
  • What specifically is broken, missing, or not working?
  • What do you want Ivan to help you with?
  • Is this a later thing or a sooner thing?