"Ivan is magnetic, a brilliant and powerful orator."

"Absolutely awe-inspiring speaker that penetrates deep into your soul and forces you to feel everything you have hidden previously..."


"A man who was given a fate, and instead decided to make his own."

"Ivan has a way of cutting through your excuses or gaps in your life without you mentioning a word. This allows you to see problems you didn't think you had, and how to go about solving them..."

"He touches the depths of your soul and really gets you to question yourself, your purpose in the world, and how you go about to get where you want to be."



March 30th, 2020

Welcome to my writing and work.

It is an honor and a pleasure to have you here. The responsibilities that accompany delivery of mental, physical and emotional frameworks for post-traumatic growth are profound.

It is only through equally profound engagement from the public that these demands of authenticity are fulfilled. Thus the work builds both ways, and all benefit.

This is the heart of civilization amidst the slouching of beasts, festering churls that crouch and gnaw under the hammer of pestilence. You are not such rank matter.

As you go through my material, delivered to you in a very tumultuous age, remember the most important thing of all, no matter how disturbed you are:

Always follow truth where it leads you in the dark.




"There is an abundant source of energy and expertise with Ivan, and no matter what skillset you have you can always take something away."

"He provides ideas that cut deep to the root of reality. He provides the tools to assess yourself accurately and truthfully, and find the resolve within yourself to do what needs to be done."