So dangerous, men who read it should be imprisoned, even if they have committed no crime.

Horrified Leftist

DreadLord99The Nine Laws



“The most skillfully exquisite wordcraft I have ever had the mixed feelings to read…”


“If you have ever found yourself in the depths, knowing that you were meant for the heights, but unknowing of how to even crawl out of your pit, this book is for you. If you have ever stared into your reflection, hollow-eyed and weeping, as the little serpents of despair looked out of your eyes instead of your own soul, this book is for you. If you have ever had to shut your ears against your own self-accusations of being ‘pathetic’ and ‘worthless’, and had to continue on, this book is for you. If ever you have looked out at the world, and felt the Divine Imperative, but been drowned in frustration at not knowing how to respond to His Call, this book is for you.”




“Ivan Throne successfully pierces the fog of fear, ignorance and stagnation by jolting the reader into the dark world and setting forth the introduction of a wide-ranging set of tools that will sharpen the mind, body and spirit into an unrelenting unmoved mover status once thoroughly absorbed and practiced.”


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